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max bill MEGA 058/4820.04 max bill MEGA 058/4820.04 max bill MEGA 058/4820.04

max bill MEGA 058/4820.04

max bill MEGA – it is just as precise as it is designed: State-of-the-art Junghans wireless technology elevates precision of the design icon to a whole new dimension. After all, accuracy is not just the primary consideration for us as watch manufacturers, it was also an indispensable component of the concepts of Bauhaus scholar Max Bill. The distinct design of the dial focuses on the most important element: the time.


Please note this is a special order item.  Expect 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Multi-frequency radio-controlled movement J101.65

Date, perpetual calendar, automatic reception of signal transmitters DCF77, MSF, JJY40/60, WWVB60, App-Connected 

Stainless steel, 4-times screwed stainless steel case back with metallized, mineral crystal, with world map and reception indicator printed from inside Ø 38.0 mm, height 9.0 mm

Up to 3 bar

Matt fine silver plated
Dial markings with environmentally-friendly Superluminova luminous substance

With environmentally-friendly Superluminova luminous substance

Convex hard plexiglass with coating for enhanced scratch resistance

Lug 20 mm 
Calf leather strap with stainless steel buckle
max inner circumference metal strap: 19.5 cm