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Spectrum Damen 015/1501.44 Spectrum Damen 015/1501.44 Spectrum Damen 015/1501.44

Spectrum Damen 015/1501.44


Spektrum Damen

The multi-frequency radio-controlled solar movement of the Spektrum Damen combines exact timekeeping on three continents with environmentally friendly solar technology. It is independent of limited energy resources and offers the convenience of a radio-controlled watch.


  • Multi-frequency radio-controlled solar movement J615.74


  • Power reserve up to 21 month, sleep mode after 72 hours, date and seconds in LCD
  • Stainless steel and polished ceramic, metallized mineral crystal in case back, 35.6 mm, height 8.9 mm
  • Crystal-sapphire crystal
Dial/ Hands:
  • Solar dial with mother-of-pearl, 16 diamonds, hands with environmentally friendly luminous substance
  • Water-resistant up to 10 atm
  • Stainless steel bracelet with ceramic middle link and stainless steel folding clasp
Case sizes:
caliber of case: 35.6 mm
height of case: 8.9 mm
lug to lug: 40 mm

strap width 19.4 mm

with leather band: 103 g