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The Junghans Performance Collection is where you will find the radio controlled watches, also known at atomic watches.  Junghans is known for their innovation with radio controlled timepieces.  You will find many atomic time keeping wristwatches as well as solar powered watches. Junghans has been a leader for many years because they have successfully integrated both solar technology and atomic time keeping into beautiful, functional timepieces.



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Junghans max bill MEGA Solar 059/2020.04
Junghans max bill MEGA Solar 059/2021.04
Junghans max bill MEGA Solar 059/2022.48
Junghans max bill MEGA Solar 059/2023.04
Junghans Force Mega Solar Radio Controlled 018/1133.44
$1,495.00 $747.50
Junghans Spectrum Damen