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New Arrivals

These are our new arrivals for 2018!

Create your own time, A watch for every occasion and every time. Junghans makes this wish come true with the new FORM. The timepiece gives its wearer the freedom and opportunity to make a successful appearance at every occasion. Because good style is timeless, and the modern, unadorned FORM is a master of reservation - a characteristic timepiece for every point in time.

The Meister Driver Day Date from Junghans incorporates optical elements from historical instrument displays in its design. They evoke an era of the early years of motoring.

The new Meister Driver Automatic allows a journey in time, to when car travel was still a stylish adventure. Reminder of a golden age A very special atmosphere prevails in the evening, when the drivers gather in the country house. In the venerable library and comfortable lounge the drivers discuss the challenges of the race track. The cars that they have pushed to their limits that day stand in the driveway. British Racing Green is the predominant color. It symbolizes the historic sportiness of the racing cars like no other. It is these automobiles, with their traditional colors, that served as models for the design of the new Meister Driver Automatic – and bring this era back to life.

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Max Bill Edition 2018
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