Meister Ladies Watches

Meister Damen Automatic
Professional with a touch of glamour: This is the charm of the Meister Damen Automatic. Suave details and exclusive materials lend this classic watch an elegant appearance and guarantee the wearer a glitzy entrance. Exceptional leather straps and precious diamonds draw immediate attention to this spellbinding watch.

Meister Damen Quarz
So elegant in appearance, and so easy to use: The Meister Damen is ready for use at any time thanks to the quartz movement. Curvaceous forms and smooth proportions ensure that this watch is an indispensable, and yet beautiful accessory for the wrist.

Watches from the Junghans Meister range feature a stainless steel case.  The cases of rose gold colored models are PVD coated.  A special coating for enhanced scratch resistance is applied to the domed hard plexiglass.  


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