Max Bill

Architect of time

Max Bill was an architect, painter, sculptor and product designer.  His work was influenced by the Bauhaus philosophy and therefore always reduced to the essentials.  His collaboration with Junghans began during his time as rector at the Ulm College of Design (HfG). From 1956 he designed kitchen, table and wall clocks here, which made design history.  The logical dial design was also taken up by him in 1961 with the design of wristwatches, which today are considered design icons.  Max Bill strived for constructive clarity and precise proportions.  Regardless of whether he was dealing with a watch or a work of art, for him both were "shaping the environment" and had to be suitable for everyday use.

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max bill Chronoscope 100 Jahre Bauhaus 027/4902.02
Junghans max bill automatic 027/7002.02
Junghans max bill MEGA Solar 059/2020.04
Max Bill Quartz 041/7857.04
Junghans max bill Kleine Automatic 027/4006.04
Junghans max bill Quarz 041/4064.04
Junghans max bill Automatic 027/4007.04
Junghans max bill Kleine Automatic 027/4005.04
Junghans max Bill Automatic 027/4701.02
Junghans max bill MEGA Solar 059/2021.04
Junghans max bill MEGA Solar 059/2022.48
Junghans max bill MEGA Solar 059/2023.04
Junghans max bill damen 047/4050.04
Junghans max bill Automatic Silver Dial 027/4700.02
Junghans max Bill Chronoscope 027/4501.05
Junghans max Bill Chronoscope ENGLISH 027/4008.05
Junghans max bill Automatic Bauhaus 027/4009.02
Junghans max bill Quartz 041/7849.00
Junghans max bill Automatic 027/4001.04