2018 Novelties

2019 Novelties

Junghans –Live your style

For more than 150 years, Junghans has been lending an identity to time itself. Meticulous attention to detail and high design and quality standards, as well as technological competence accumulated over generations, have been hallmarks of the products manufactured by Junghans since its foundation in 1861. Qualities which form the structure of the company's success story since its foundation in Schramberg in the Black Forest. Junghans became the world's biggest clock manufacturer in 1903 with more than 3,000 employees. The development of precise movements ensured the company"s status of Germany's biggest manufacturer of chronometers in 1951, and the third largest globally in 1956. Junghans set new technical standards in 1972 when they were appointed as official timekeeper at the Munich Olympic Games. Following an eventful company  history,  Schramberg  businessmen  Dr.  Hans-Jochem  and  Hannes Steim  take  over  the  long-standing company in 2009, initiating a new phase of growth. To this day, Junghans still produce all of their timepieces on the historical company premises. The terrace building was completely refurbished in 2018 for the 100 year anniversary. In this monument to industrial architecture, long the light-flooded centerpiece of Junghans watch production, the tradition of watch and clock making in the Black Forest can be experienced in the form of a museum. The current collection also references the long tradition of the company in design and watch-making -transported to the present in contemporary form. This is exemplified in the Meister watches which has been in production since the 1930s, or in the timepieces from Max Bill. These Bauhaus classics were originally fashioned in collaboration with the Swiss designer in 1956 –and are still produced to his designs inalmost unaltered  form  today.  In  1990,  Junghans  raised  the  bar  with  the  invention  of  the  first  radio-controlled wristwatch –technology which once again emphasis es precision and accuracy in 2018 with a new generation of intelligent, Schramberg-made radio-controlled movements. The unmistakable design image of Junghans timepieces has been a mainstay throughout the entire company history. The latest indication of this can be found in the stylish models of the FORM family, with their reduced simplicity. Junghans time-pieces combine more than 150 years of watchmaking with design expertise to achieve the perfect design for the wrist. Feel the style.